Heating Contractors in Glenmoore, PA

AQM is a leading heating service, repair and installation provider in the Glenmoore area.  We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured heating contractors.  We offer our customers high quality service at a value that has kept them coming back to us for decades.  We guarantee all work performed, and offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our licensed staff undergo continuing education and training to ensure that we are always current on industry developments and products. 

Some of the heating products and services we offer in the Glenmoore, PA area include:

Heat Pumps (installation, service & repair)
Gas Furnaces (installation, service & repair)
Gas Boilers (installation, service & repair)
Oil to Gas Conversions
Programmable Thermostats
Air Duct Cleaning
Air Cleaners, Air Filters, & Air Purifiers

Planned Heating System Maintenance

  Heating System Service and Repair Agreements

 Heat Pumps in Glenmoore, PA

A heat pump system works by using a small amount of energy to move heat from one area to another area. It works by drawing heat out of the air or ground outside and moving that heat into a home or business. A heat pump can also be used to cool a home or business in Glenmoore by performing the same function... only in reverse. A heat pump system, if properly installed, can be an excellent source for both your heating and cooling needs. Designed with care and experience, your heat pump system can be a very efficient and comfortable way to heat and cool your home or business in Glenmoore. AQM is your local expert for heat pump installation, heat pump service, heat pump repair, and heat pump maintenance in Glenmoore, PA.   ...more about heat pumps in Glenmoore or to schedule an estimate for a heat pump installation, an appointment for heat pump service, or an appointment for heat pump repair in Glenmoore


 Gas Furnaces in Glenmoore, PA

Gas furnaces typically have the highest energy efficiency and heat the air to higher temperatures than other fuels, so your heating dollars may go further with a gas furnace.  Natural gas also has the fewest emissions of any home heating fuel and does not require an onsite service tank, so it is much more convenient than other fuels, like oil or wood.  AQM is one of the highest rated gas furnace installers and servicers in the area.  Look to AQM for your gas furnace installation, gas furnace repair, gas furnace service and maintenance in Glenmoore, PA.   ...more about gas furnaces in Glenmoore or to schedule an estimate for a gas furnace installation, an appointment for gas furnace service, or an appointment for gas furnace repair in Glenmoore


 Gas Boilers in Glenmoore, PA

A gas central heating boiler is designed to provide all of the heat needed in your Glenmoore home or business by means of a continuous gas supply.  Water is heated by the gas boiler and travels through the home or business via a circuit of pipe, giving off heat as it flows through each of the radiators within the home until it returns to the gas boiler, where it is heated again.  This type of system provides for an even and comfortable heating level throughout your Glenmoore home or business, and offers the convenience and efficiency of natural gas heating.  AQM is experienced in gas boiler installation, gas boiler service, gas boiler repair and gas boiler maintenance in the Glenmoore, PA area.   ...more about gas boilers in Glenmoore or to schedule an estimate for a gas boiler installation, an appointment for gas boiler service, or an appointment for gas boiler repair in Glenmoore


 Oil to Gas Conversions in Glenmoore, PA

If your home or business is in the Glenmoore, PA area, there may be plenty of good reasons to convert your heating system from oil to gas. Gas heat is cleaner, it burns more efficiently, it's easier to maintain, it's more convenient, it doesn't require an unsightly (and potentially environmentally hazardous) storage tank, and - if you may want or need to sell your home in the future - prospective buyers are much more likely to consider buying a home with gas heat than one with oil heat. AQM is a leading oil to gas conversion specialist in the Glenmoore, PA area.   ...more about oil to gas conversions in Glenmoore


 Programmable Thermostats in Glenmoore, PA

Installing an electronic programmable digital thermostat is one of the easiest ways to save energy and make your Glenmoore home or business more comfortable.  AQM offers a wide range of programmable thermostats to meet any need, and will professionally install your thermostat for you.  ...more about programmable thermostats in Glenmoore, or to get an estimate for installing a new energy-saving programmable thermostat in Glenmoore


 Air Duct Cleaning in Glenmoore, PA

Contaminants can accumulate in the ductwork of your Glenmoore home or business. These contaminants typically include household dust, dust mites, mold, mildew, smoke film, pollen and other allergens, even pet dander and pest waste (from rodents, insects, etc...). These contaminants then circulate with the air in your home or business, being blown into your rooms whenever the heat or air conditioning is running. These contaminants can aggravate allergy symptoms, and even decrease the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.  AQM is a leader in the proven RotoBrush cleaning method to properly clean and sanitize the duct work in your Glenmoore home or business.  ...more about air duct cleaning in Glenmoore or to get a free estimate for air duct cleaning in your Glenmoore area home or business 


 Air Cleaners in Glenmoore, PA

Most homes today have an air quality level that is over 20 times worse than the outdoors. AQM can add an air cleaning system to just about any home, whether it be on an existing system, or on a new system installation. AQM offers a full line of electronic to non-powered cleaning systems to meet any need.  ...more about Air Cleaners, Air Filters and Air Purifiers in Glenmoore, PA


 Planned Heating System Maintenance in Glenmoore, PA

A properly maintained heating system is likely to work better, use less energy (saving you money) and have a longer useful life (saving you even more money). In addition to saving you money, maintaining your heating system properly could also save your life and the lives of your family. Heating systems that are functioning improperly significantly increase the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and are responsible for thousands of fires each year. AQM offers several types of service agreements to take care of the required maintenance, and even handle repairs, should your system require them.  ...more about planned heating system maintenance and heating service and repair agreements in Glenmoore


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